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Reasons Why Mastery Learning Is Becoming More Popular In Online Learning

Much of online learning is built on mastery learning. Benjamin Bloom revealed mastery learning for the first time in 1984 in his landmark book, The 2 Sigma Problem. Bloom explored several educational methods in The 2 Sigma Problem, including private tutoring, lecture-based training, and mastery learning. In this study, Bloom claimed that mastery learning produces comparable outcomes to tutoring but is more successful than conventional lectures. Additionally, he claimed that mastery learning is a more practical and attainable method of scaling education.

The primary goal of mastery learning is to master a subject before moving on to the next one. This paradigm views failure positively as a source of feedback. Rather than punishing the student for not knowing anything, mastery learning enables the learner to attempt again to show their comprehension of the subject. Because mastery learning methods have a proven track record of academic achievement, we may integrate them into the core of the online learning experience.

Enrichment may take the form of additional readings, extra videos, and industry interviews, or it can take the form of an honor track with more challenging assignments.

If learners do not pass an assessment successfully, or if they must retake it several times, you may want to provide remedial options for the learner. Remediation entitles the student to repeat the assessment to receive a grade. However, it also offers the student with insightful comments on areas for improvement. You may provide helpful feedback comments to encourage learners to reflect on the material. This may involve pointing out which videos to rewatch, which texts to reread, or just providing clues regarding the content’s key themes.

After completing the remedial and enrichment exercises, learners have proven their comprehension of the subject and may go to the course’s next topic.

Mastery learning is the defining educational breakthrough of our time. At its heart, mastery learning allows students to progress independently as they acquire new information, abilities, and attitudes. Effective implementation on a large scale may fundamentally alter how people learn online.


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