Passive Learning VS Active Learning with Technology.

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Passive VS Active Learning with Technology

Passive VS Active Learning with Technology

Below is a good graphic illustrating the difference between passive and active learning with technology. The graphic is from the National Educational Technology Plan 2016. Ask yourself if you are;

  1. assigning digitized worksheets to your students
  2. encouraging your students to consume media? (e. g. reading online or watching videos

Numbers 1 and 2 above are examples of passive learning with technology. If you employ active learning with technology, your students will:

  1. interact with experts
  2. be a part of a global community (
  3. create media rich productions/projects
  4. code and program
  5. collaborate with their peers
  6. use simulations and games

from the National Education Technology Plan 2016

from the National Education Technology Plan 2016

Some practitioners refer to passive and active learning with technology as the new digital divide. There is a difference between students who use technology to create, design, build, explore, and collaborate and those who simply use technology to consume media.
Having access to technology does not guarantee a student will be an active learner. Teachers need to demonstrate or model the active uses of technology.

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