Anne Marie Fiore

Promoting Project Lead the Way to Students and the Community at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

I had the opportunity to speak on promoting Project Lead the Way to students and the community at the annual Massachusetts PLTW Conference. I covered our vertical alignment of the robotics program from grades 1-12, engaging parent speakers, as well as inclusion of PLTW teachers and students on our local cable access television show. In addition, I demonstrated how Parker Middle School students have integrated PLTW projects¬†with the district “PRIDE” anti-bullying initiative.
The conference provided professional development for school counselors, curriculum specialists, principals, teachers, district administrators, and interested business and industry professionals to learn all about the Project Lead The Way K-12 STEM Curriculum.
Over 8,000 schools offer PLTW programs, including over 70 schools across Massachusetts. PLTW teachers are facilitators and their students apply STEM to define and solve open-ended problems in a real-world context. PLTW’s world-class, activity-, project-, problem-based STEM curriculum and high-quality teacher professional development, combined with an engaged network of partners, help students develop the skills to succeed in our global economy. The PLTW curriculum is aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. PLTW programs are endorsed by Change the Equation, the American Aerospace Industry Association, the American Society for Engineering Education, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and others.
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I am a learning experience design consultant focused on developing engaging learning experiences. Although my career has always been related to education in some way, I have worked as a technology director, curriculum specialist, college professor, and now an online instructional designer.